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New book brings together key papers on monetary policy

Friday, 14 August, 2009

Alec Chrystal, Professor of Money and Banking at Cass, has co-edited a book with Paul Mizen, Professor of Monetary Economics at Nottingham University, which brings together seminal papers on monetary policy since the late 1970s.Recent Developments in Monetary Policy is a two-volume set which includes previously published papers by Nobel laureates, central bankers and leading research economists.

The key advances in recent thinking that underpin modern monetary policy and indicate some of the current controversies that remain are brought together in this publication.  Some of these challenges will continue to dominate the thinking of scholars and practitioners for years to come.

The papers published in this book reflect many of the key advances in economic theory that underpin modern policy advances, while later papers indicate some of the current controversies that remain.

Stefan Gerlach, Professor of Monetary Economics at the Goethe University of Frankfurt and Deutsche Bundesbank says: Chrystal and Mizen have done researchers and students with an interest in central banking the great service of collecting the most commonly cited papers in this area into two volumes.

I have no doubt that these volumes will find their way to the reading lists of many graduate and advanced undergraduate courses, as well as into the bookshelves of many monetary economists. These volumes collect many modern classics in the monetary policy area and will be read and reread as they undoubtedly will by advanced students and established researchers alike.

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Alec Chrystal, Professor of Money and Banking at Cass Business School

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