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Sir Jackie Stewart launches mentoring scheme

Thursday, 9 April, 2009

Senior figures from business, culture and sport gathered at Cass for the launch of a new mentoring scheme for dyslexic entrepreneurs. The scheme, which is being run in conjunction with The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) and Dyslexia Scotland, will bring together adults with dyslexia with successful dyslexic people who will share the benefit of their experience and knowledge.

The event featured talks from a number of prominent, successful dyslexics who have signed up to be mentors including: Sir Jackie Stewart, President of Dyslexia Scotland and Vice President of the British Dyslexia Association, Zenna Atkins, Chair of Ofsted and Louis Barnett, founder of Chokolit.

The programme is an informal mentoring scheme, which is designed to be flexible and places emphasis on two people getting together who share something in common - dyslexia. The aim is for the mentor to share some of their coping strategies and above all instil confidence in the mentee.

Discussing her research which inspired the scheme, Julie Logan, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Cass said When I was conducting my research, into the links between dyslexia and entrepreneurship, we talked about early life influences on successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. Over thirty percent of those interviewed talked about the importance of a mentor in their success and a further thirty six percent said a successful role model had been fundamental to their success.

Seventeen year old entrepreneur, Louis Barnett echoed the importance of this scheme. We really have to change our mentality towards kids, I work with a lot of kids across the UK who have no self-belief and we really need to change that. You can do anything, you can achieve anything no matter what your disability and sometimes a push in right direction or some friendly advice can change everything for you.

Sir Jackie Stewart closed the event by speaking of his admiration for the scheme and Cass's involvement It is very nice to be here at Cass Business School, the very fact that Cass has got involved in this scheme with the BDA and Dyslexia Scotland is a mark of their flair and many educators have not got a lot of flair Let's hope that this scheme goes off in the manner to which it is intended and if it does I think it will be a huge step forward.

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Sir Jakie Stewart and Cass's Dean, Richard Gillingwater

From left to right: Cass's Professor of Entrepreneurship Julie Logan, Judi Stewart, Chief Executive of the BDA and Cathy Magee, Chief Executive of Dyslexia Scotland

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