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Professor Haberman to advise on Longevity Science Advisory Panel

Wednesday, 22 April, 2009

Cass Business School is pleased to announce Professor Steven Haberman, Deputy Dean, will be advising on a new independent panel which has been established to explore longevity issues. Legal & General is also supporting the Longevity Science Advisory Panel.

The panel is dedicated to exploring the impact that a range of factors may have on future life expectancy in the UK. This includes the drivers that are enhancing life expectancy, for example, medical advances and social change, as well as the inhibitors such as lifestyle and delays in development of treatments.

The panel consists of respected individuals who are leaders in their field and who also bring an international perspective and understanding on the various strategic issues impacting future life expectancy in the UK.

The Longevity Science Advisory Panel is headed by Sir Derek Wanless, who has advised governments and companies on a wide range of issues, but more recently has led various reviews on the long-term trends affecting the health and social care services in the UK*. Other members of the panel are:

 Colin Blakemore, a former chief executive of the Medical Research Council, who is well positioned to provide an international perspective on medical research implications;

 Steve Haberman, an academic actuary experienced in statistical modelling and mortality research with the expertise to consider how to convert the findings of scientific research into a format for actuarial analysis;

 Klim McPherson, a public health academic who is recognised for his work on obesity and the wide ranging detrimental effect this has on the health of the population and particular sub-groups; and

 Sir John Pattison, a former member of the Department of Health management team, who is well placed to assess the health services' ability to deliver the changes emerging from health research findings.

Professor Haberman, Deputy Dean, Cass Business School, commented: There is a continuing, and urgent need for research into future life expectancy and I am looking forward to working with experts who are leaders in their various fields.  It is hoped that our combined efforts will contribute to furthering knowledge and awareness of UK longevity across disciplines, particularly in actuarial terms. 

The Longevity Science Advisory Panel will regularly be presented with issues and papers on scientific developments for them to review and analyse to determine the implications on future UK life expectancy. The opinions of the panel will be shared across the insurance industry, as well as with government, and public offices, where appropriate. The aim is that the panel will be is a key source for learning and understanding on the implications of scientific developments on UK life expectancy.

Further detail on the aims of the Longevity Science Advisory Panel is available online at

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Steven Haberman, Professor of Actuarial Science and Director and Deputy Dean, Cass Business School

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