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Cass student wins Goldman Sachs Social Entrepreneurship competition

Friday, 17 April, 2009

Cass Business School undergraduate student Henning Lueke was part of the winning team in the recent Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Social Entrepreneurship competition.  This competition encouraged students to apply competitively for support for innovative projects that address pressing local, regional, or national social issues.

Henning, who was on exchange to Hong Kong University of Science and Technology when he participated in this competition, and his team sought funding for a project undertaken by the charity Intiwawa e.V.  They designed and planned the Intiwawa Health Program, a project that focuses on creating a health system for a village in Peru. They have now been awarded US$10,000 to begin the program.

Intiwawa e.V. is a young non-governmental organisation that is located in Arequipa, Peru as well as Emsdetten, Germany. Founded in 2007 by Henning and Jan Tillmann, the organisation aims to help and work with young men and woman to improve their everyday situation.  The charity currently works mainly in San Isidro, a small village of about 90 families, located approximately 45 minutes from the city centre.

The inhabitants of this village suffer from malnutrition, limited education, alcoholism and domestic violence. Missing sanitary arrangements and unclean water lead to diseases caused by the lack of hygiene. Furthermore there is a constant shortage of financial capacity to afford basic human requirements such as medical goods or a proper water supply system.
The aim of Intiwawa is to fight existing problems as well as research and fight the cause of these problems in order to prevent their development in the first place.

The Intiwawa Health Program specifically focuses on creating and sustaining a health system in the Peruvian village. The project is composed of two geographically separated teams - one team in Hong Kong and the second team working on site in Peru.

The team in Hong Kong mainly focuses on sustaining the project by organising a stable flow of funds and recruiting volunteers, particularly medical volunteers, on a regular basis. The Peruvian unit focuses on the execution of the project which, guided and coordinated by a professional doctor, engages volunteers from all over the world to help resolve health issues in the community.

Henning said: I was delighted to hear that we won the award, not only because the prize money provides this project with a secure foundation, but it reinforces our enthusiasm and shows that we are on the right track.

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