Cass women

Our current Global Women's Leadership scholars

Take a look at our alumna page to see the Cass alumna who form an integral part of the Cass Global Women's Leadership programme.

Director of the Cass Global Women’s Leadership Programme


Canan Kocabasoglu HillmerCanan Kocabasoglu-Hillmer

An expert in operations and supply chain management and an advocate and champion of women throughout her career, Canan was appointed in January 2017 and leads the programme from London, working with the Council and Executive Board.

Cass academic women


Dr. Amanda GoodallDr. Amanda Goodall, Faculty of Management

Dr. Goodall brings extensive and varied experience to her role as a Senior Lecturer at Cass Business School where her research focuses on expert leadership and organisational performance.  She also researches gender, specifically helping to understand the gender pay gap.

Our current Global Women’s Leadership scholars


Artis KakongeArtis Kakonge, Modular Executive MBA (2019)

A barrister specialising in children's law wanting to use new leadership skills within the public sector.


Cassandra KwokCassandra Kwok, MSc Finance (2019)

An ambitious finance student fighting for gender equality.


Cassie NewmanCassie Newman, Modular Executive MBA (2020)

Cassie believes there is much for public sector workers to gain from business school, though she works for a private firm manging public contracts


Esra BaykalEsra Baykal, Dubai Executive MBA (2019)

A supply chain specialist with a desire to empower women in rural areas. Become the Dubai Global Women's Leadership scholar alongside Esra.


Jelena KezikaJelena Kezika, Dubai Executive MBA (2020)

A strategic planning director within the hospitality industry wanting to empower and engage the next generation of leaders.


Jodie PriceJodie Price, BSc in Management

Tailored management studies and strong female role models inspired Victoria towards a role in leadership.


Kyle PoolKylie Poole, Evening Executive MBA (2019)

A successful broker and account manager looking to support female participation at senior level. Read her recent blog about her first few months as a Cass Executive MBA student.


Renee KronerRenee Kroner, Full-time MBA (2018)

An experienced accountant within the public sector passionate about the development of women. Read her recent blog about her experiences applying to the Global Women's Leadership Programme.


Mengjia HangMengjia Hang, Msc Business Analytics

Mengjia Hang is studying towards an MSc in Business Analytics at Cass, meaning she spends more time than most looking at numbers, codes and statistics.


Victoria HindVictoria Hind, Executive MBA

Now studing an EMBA at Cass, Victoria's background is far from finance or accounting, Victoria studied fashion and design and has worked in product development and production for a raft of luxury designer labels in the UK and the United States.