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Why managing a successful pension scheme is a bit like managing a successful football team

What are the similarities between a defined benefit pension plan and a football team?

Author(s): Professor Andrew Clare - Cass Business School;

On the face of it there may not seem to be many. After all, the football world is populated by overpaid, badly behaved, play acting prima donnas. A far cry from the sober and serious world of defined benefit pensions, where trustees devote huge amounts of their time in the interests of others, for little of no financial reward. However, by looking at the various footballing positions and the tactical decisions made by successful football managers, Professor Andrew Clare draws some interesting analogies to the world of pension scheme management. Download the article at the link below.

{Why is managing a successful pension scheme a bit like managing a successful football team?}{https://www.cass.city.ac.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0012/368949/managing-pension-scheme-managing-football-team-cass-knowledge.pdf}
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