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4th MaySamira Dias dos Reis, Carlos III University, Madrid
Engagement and Mutual Influence of Multiple Audiences and the Performance of Boundary Spanners
18th MayMircea Epure, UPF
Trusting the Family Firm? Family Control and Cultural Values during Financial Crises
23rd May

Beth Bechky, Stern NYU
The specter of testifying: Truth and proof in forensic science

15th June

Torgeir Aleti, RMIT University, Melbourne
Decomposing Place Attachment: Investigating How Customers Respond to a Retail Business Relocation

19th June

Roy Suddaby, University of Victoria
Craft, Magic and the Re-enchantment with the World

22nd JuneJonathan Berman, LBS
Passing the Buck to the Wealthier