Research workshops

The schedule includes the discussion of research from within the faculty and external speakers from other institutions. Attendance is open to staff, PhD students and people interested from outside the university.

For more information please contact either Dr Santi Furnari or Faculty Administration.


Research Workshop Series Term 3 2017/18

26th April
Room: 3003

Bruno Cirillo, SKEMA Business School

The effect of knowledge and social interdependencies on inventors' outward mobility and entrepreneurship

2nd May
Room: 3003
Henk Volberda, Erasmus University

Modes of Business Model Innovation
3rd May
Room: 2005

Stine Grodal, Boston University

Big, Beige and Bulky: Aesthetic Shifts in the Hearing Aid Industry (1945-2015)

10th May
Room: 2005

Claus Rerup, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Time pacing and attentional triangulation: The Pearl Jam concert accident at Roskilde Festival

31st May
Room: 2005

Siobhan O’Mahoney, Boston University

Explaining the Escalation of Activism through Repertoire Reconfiguration

7th June
Room: 2005

Violetta Splitter, University of Zurich

Employees' participation in strategy making over time: The recursive relation between participation and resources

14th June
Room: 2005

Benjamin Warnick, Washington State University

The dangers of transforming a hobby into a business: How and why obsessive passion enhances venture performance at the expense of entrepreneurial well-being

21st June
Room: 2005

Christopher Steele, Alberta School of Business

Reworking the 'truth machine': How data analysts, and others, (re)construct the epistemic practices of organizations 

27th June
Room: 2005

Ahmet Colak, Clemson University

Title TBC

28th June
Room: 2005

Raffaele Conti, Catolica Lisbon

The Impact of Entrepreneurship on Pay Discrimination: Evidence from an Entry Deregulation Reform in Portugal