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PhD programme

How to become a doctoral student in the Faculty of Management

Apply via the Cass PhD Admissions Office. In addition to completing the application forms, you will be required to submit an Outline Research Proposal. Your application is considered in the first instance by the Director of the PhD Programme. Thereafter, a potential faculty supervisor will be identified who will invite you to discuss your ambitions in a face-to-face meeting.

For further information visit the PhD website

Why do I have to submit an Outline Research Proposal?

You will have to submit an Outline Research Proposal with your application, even if you have not as yet firmed-up on the precise topic of research. While the topic may be amended after discussion with the potential faculty supervisor, all topics investigated at the doctoral level require understanding and application of rigorous research methods. We would like you to demonstrate to us in the Outline Research Proposal that you have a basic understanding of the challenges you are likely to encounter.

What happens if I am accepted?

Once the acceptance formalities have been completed, research students are initially registered for MRes study, commencing in early October. Only in exceptional circumstances will registration be permitted after the start of the academic year. This is because in your first year you are required to attend and participate in a formal research training programme in the winter and Spring terms. After one calendar year, or very shortly thereafter, you will be required to pass a formal MPhil/PhD Transfer Proposal. 

Examples of current research topics

  • The role of organisational learning and VSR models in building organisational capabilities
  • Supply Chain integration: work flow synchronisations and information flow
  • Strategic learning, technology design and innovation
  • Corporate governance: relationship between executive and non-executive directors and corporate performance
  • Cross-Cultural leadership: the role of emotional intelligence of the leader in cross-cultural context.