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Cass’s academic experts are committed to research excellence and many hold impressive academic credentials and strong industry backgrounds.

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  1. Dr Navid Izady

    Senior Lecturer in Operations Research

    Faculty of Management

  2. Professor Paula Jarzabkowski

    Professor of Strategic Management

    Faculty of Management

  3. Dr Sara Jones

    Senior Lecturer in Creative Interactive System Design

    Faculty of Management

  4. Dr Jay Jung

    Lecturer in Accounting

    Faculty of Finance

  5. Dr Elena Kalotychou

    Senior Lecturer and Director of MSc Investment Management

    Faculty of Finance

  6. Dr Sam Kamuriwo

    Senior Lecturer in Strategy

    Faculty of Management

  7. Professor Tony Key

    Professor of Real Estate Economics

    Faculty of Finance

  8. Dr Zaki Khorasanee

    Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Science

    Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance

  9. Dr Canan Kocabasoglu-Hillmer

    Senior Lecturer in Operations Management

    Faculty of Management

  10. Dr Sonia Konstantinidi

    Assistant Professor in Accounting

    Faculty of Finance

  11. Dr Arthur Kraft

    Senior Lecturer in Accounting

    Faculty of Finance

  12. Professor Gianvito Lanzolla

    Head of Faculty of Management, Professor of Strategy

    Faculty of Management

  13. Dr Stephen Lee

    Professor of Voluntary Sector Management

    Faculty of Management

  14. Stephen Lee

    Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance

    Faculty of Finance

  15. Professor Mario Levis

    Professor Emeritus of Finance

    Faculty of Finance

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