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Rating a Real Estate Fund

Speaker: Dr Sven Janssen, Scope Ratings

Should REITs own shopping centres?

Thursday 20th February 2020, 18.00 - 21.00

A debate on corporate structure and asset class suitability in the current environment

Speakers: Professor Andrew Baum, University of Oxford. Alex Moss, Cass Business School

Panellists to be announced shortly.

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ESG Perspectives from a Global Investor across the capital stack

Speaker: Hans Op’t Veldt, PGGM

Real Estate and Strategy: A new Chapter

Historically real estate firms have had little need for traditional corporate strategy, as a rising market, and leverage covered over any shortfalls. Now, however, with a structural change afoot in occupational patterns, and lower beta returns available firms and funds have to rethink their approach. We partner with the strategy team at Cass to provide a fresh insight into potential approaches.

Real Asset Funds

The term Real Assets is almost as widely (ab) used as Smart Beta. We examine the potential definitions, the investment universes available to meet the risk/return criteria, and how institutions are structuring funds to meet the demand for, and challenger of, this area.