External Interviews

Which news disclosures matter?
Scott Moeller discussed the powerful link which an M&A Research Centre study revealed between how an M&A deal is announced and the chance of it being completed in an article and podcast in the Summer 2015 edition of Investor Relations magazine.

Project Shhh! The codenames behind the UK's biggest M&A deals
Scott Moeller discloses some of the codenames given to M&A deals when he worked in investment banking in this Daily Telegraph article from 27 December 2014 on the wide variety of such project titles.

How to get ahead in international M&A
Read former Deputy Director, Anna Faelten's thoughts on this topic in an interview in Professional Engineering magazine.

AstraZeneca and Pfizer - CNBC
Scott Moeller, Director of the M&A Research Centre, discusses the potential AstraZeneca takeover and Pfizer's strategy in an interview with CNBC on 13 May, 2014.

AstraZeneca and Pfizer - BBC Radio Scotland
Former MARC Deputy Director Anna Faelten discusses the proposed Pfizer-AstraZeneca deal on BBC Radio Scotland on 8 May, 2014.

M&A Activity - CNBC
In an interview for CNBC on 28 April 2014, Scott Moeller, Director of the M&A Research Centre, highlights that while, in value terms, M&A activity is increasing, volume is down year-on-year.

Pharma Deal Fever - Reuters Insider
In an interview for Reuters Insider recorded and broadcast live on 22 April 2014, former MARC Deputy Director, Anna Faelten, discussed bolt-on acquisitions, whether the day's deal announcements are the beginning of a bigger M&A wave and whether they will lead to 'big ticket' deals, what signs should we look out for before we see more of this type of deal happening and which three industries are likely to experience the most M&A deals this year (healthcare, telecoms & media and technology).

MARC Research Cited in Parliament
Business Secretary Vince Cable cited a Cass study on the economic impact of M&A in a parliamentary hearing on bank lending and growth. Mr Cable, who was giving evidence before the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee, said the study led him to re-think his view on takeovers. The study, which was published in 2011, found that the UK economy benefits from an average short-term boost of £178m per deal, countering the long-held view that takeovers are damaging. Mr Cable said the study showed that takeovers had "substantial" benefits for companies and the UK as a whole. He added: "(The study) challenges the orthodoxy which I have had for some time that we should be suspicious of merger activity in terms of its overall effects." Former Deputy Director of the M&A Research Centre and author of the research, Anna Faelten, said: "It is good to know that research conducted at Cass is influencing policymakers at the highest levels of Government and contributing to important debates on matters concerning the UK economy."

Mr Cable was giving evidence before the Business, Innovation and Skills Committee on 17 July.

A video of the Committee meeting can be found here and Mr Cable's comments referring to the MARC research begin 20 minutes 52 seconds in.

Download a copy of The Economic Impact of M&A: Implications for UK firms here.

Trends in M&A
In a video to accompany his Moeller's Corner column in Ernst & Young's Capital Insights magazine, Scott Moeller discusses the prospects for transaction activity in 2012 and the latest trends in M&A.

MARC Director Appears on Editorial Intelligence Panel
On 3 November 2011, the Director of the M&A Research Centre, Professor Scott Moeller, appeared on the panel of an Editorial Intelligence event at Cass Business School which discussed foreign ownership and investment.  Other panellists included Sarah Smith, Business Correspondent of Channel 4 News, Lord Lyndon Harrison, Chairman of the Lords' Committee for Economic and Financial Affairs and International Trade, Frances O'Grady, Deputy Secretary General of the TUC, and Stephen Pattison, Director & CEO of the International Chamber of Commerce UK.

After many failures, deals are succeeding.  Why?
In an interview to accompany Scott Moeller's article in Ernst & Young's T Magazine, he and Anna Faelten talk about how and why the success rate of M&A deals has changed and explore the shift in the nature of dealmaking maturity.

Cass Knowledge

M&A in recovery: new studies from Cass' M&A research centre
This video features two pieces of research on deal-making during and just following the recent recession.

Cass Talks

Cass Talks is a weekly audio and video podcast hosted by BBC reporter and Cass alumnus, Alex Ritson and former BBC producer and current Cass Full-Time MBA student, Yo Takatsuki.

Episode 182 - The Highs and Lows of M&A
Anna Faelten, Deputy Director of the M&A Research Centre, talks to Miranda Thomas about synergies - what they are, what companies can gain from M&A activity and the potential pitfalls.

Episode 174 - M&A Attractiveness Index 2013
Deputy Director of the M&A Research Centre, Anna Faelten, on the publication of the M&A Attractiveness Index 2013 report.

Episode 152 - Is M&A on the bounce back?
Deputy Director of the M&A Research Centre, Anna Faelten, on the outlook for M&A in 2013.

Cass Tenth Anniversary Special Series - Episode 1 - The swinging pendulum of M&A
This is the first episode in a special series of Cass Talks to celebrate Cass's tenth anniversary. 2012 marks ten years since City University Business School became Cass Business School with new premises, name, and brand - the business school for the City of London.  In this episode, Professor Scott Moeller, Director of Cass's M&A Research Centre discusses the issues that the M&A sector will face over the next decade.

Episode 135 - Is Asia the world's hottest M&A market?
Anna Faelten, Deputy Director of the M&A Research Centre, reveals the findings of the latest M&A Maturity Index.

Episode 116 - A small return in confidence in M&A activity
Leor Franks, Marketing Director at Ernst & Young, Senior Sponsor of the M&A Research Centre, discusses the first quarter results from the M&A Tracker and gives an insight into what we might expect from M&A activity in 2012.

Episode 107 - Anna Faelten on takeovers and the UK economy
Anna Faelten of the M&A Research Centre at Cass reveals the findings of a new M&A study on whether takeovers create or destroy value for the UK economy.

Episode 60 - Scott Moeller and Anna Faelten on the global M& market
Professor Scott Moeller and Anna Faelten of Cass's M&A Research Centre discuss their new study, a First of its kind M&A index illustrates country's ability to attract and sustain M&A activity.

Episode 23 - Anna Faelten on the rise of joint ventures
Anna Faelten from the M&A Research Centre at Cass discusses the rise of joint ventures in the wake of the financial crisis.

Episode 8 - Scott Moeller on how to survive if your company is going through an M&A deal
Scott Moeller, Director of the Mergers and Acquisitions Research Centre at Cass (MARC), discusses his book 'Surviving M&A' and passes on some valuable tips to anyone at a company that is going through a merger or acquisition.