Our People


  • Geert Bekaert
    Leon G Cooperman Professor of Finance at Columbia Business School, New York City
  • Lord Brian Griffiths
    Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs International


PhD Students

  • Zana Beqiri - Supervisors Barbara Casu Lukac and Daniela Fabbri
    "Volume and pricing of syndicated loans in developing countries"
  • Joe Delveaux - Supervisor Kate Phylaktis
    "Essays on Sovereign debt in Sub-Sahara Africa"
  • Lulu Feng - Supervisors Richard Payne and Ian Marsh
    "Momentum profits, market volatility, volatility of volatility and skewness"
  • Hugh Alexander Patience - Supervisors Ana Maria-Fuertes and John Hatgionnaides
    "Modelling of the Volatility Smile Incorporating Exotics"
  • Panagiotis Panagiotou - Supervisors Richard Payne and Ian Marsh
    "Essays on Statistical Arbitrage"
  • Marianna Russo - Supervisor Giovanni Urga and Professor Lilian De Menezes
    "Price discovering in the European gas market"
  • Orkun Saka - Supervisors Elena Kalotychou and Ana-Maria Fuertes
    "Informational Role of Ratings in Asset-Backed Securities Market"

Visiting professors

  • Nicholas Sarantis
    Visiting Professor of International Finance, Cass Business School. His research interests include international finance, exchange rate modelling and forecasting, currency and financial crises, country risk, financial globalisation, banking regulation, forecasting financial markets, and EMU: The Euro and European Financial Markets. He will be visiting from October 2010 to November 2013
  • Francesca Carrieri
    Professor of Finance, McGill University, Montreal. She visited EMG between January to June 2009.
  • Anthony Saunders
    John M. Schiff Professor of Finance at Stern School Of Business, New York University, October 2007 to September 2008