Seminars and events

1st Digital Transformation and Strategy Forum
2 June 2017, Cass Business School
City, University of London, United Kingdom

Digital information processing and communication technologies are substantially changing the way in which firms operate as well as the way in which they interact with other firms and with the external environment. A key question to date only partially addressed in the strategy and in the technology and innovation management literature revolves around the extent to which some of the core assumptions made, and conclusions reached, by extant research are still valid in a business world profoundly being transformed by digital technologies.

The 1st Digital Transformation and Strategy Forum brought together at Cass Business School leading scholars and practitioners to discuss about Digital Transformation in connection with ecosystems, entrepreneurship and innovation, value creation and value capturing.

Please download the conference programme here.

Please click the following link to see a podcast of the final debate “Digital Transformation and Strategy: Do we need new frameworks?"

Gianvito Lanzolla and Elena Novelli, Forum Co-Chairs