Creative Resources

Bright Sparks

As part of an EU project called COLLAGE, we have developed a creativity support tool called Bright Sparks. It has been derived from Michael Michalko's Hall of Fame creativity technique. It is a simple and effective technique that allows a problem solver to explore how  a well-known persona (either fictional or real) would solve a particular problem. Access the Bright Sparks support tool.


Be creative logo

BeCreative is a web-based tool that has been developed by the EU-funded COLLAGE project. Its aims are to:

  • Make people aware of the wide range of creativity and design thinking techniques that are available to them to stimulate creative thinking in their projects;
  • Guide them to select between techniques that are best suited to their current project needs.

The BeCreative team has reviewed a range of creativity and design techniques, categorised them according to different features and constraints, and publishes them in a form that that allows you to search and select the technique(s) best suited to your needs. Take a look at the BeCreative website.


HatParty Party is a team-based brainstorming game. It utilises game mechanics such as timed sessions, goals, reputation points, rating, racing and social recommender such as inspirational search to help groups of 3 to 8 people generate large number of ideas and rank them in record  time.


Care'N'Share; this project is developing an open web-site to provide creative guidance to residential and domiciliary carers who are caring for older people with dementia. Visit the Care'N'Share website.

The Hazel Court Creative Serious Game

Hazel Court is a creative serious game prototype developed by the Centre in collaboration with Imaginary S.r.l., the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the UK's Registered Nursing Home Association. The aim of the digitally-enhanced game is to train carers in creativity techniques  to deliver more person-centred care to people with dementia. Studies of dementia care training suggested that investigative detective work offers is an appropriate metaphor to the required perceptiveness in carers' work, so a new training game was developed using this metaphor. As a mash-up  game derived from the Cluedo board game and customised for care staff, Hazel Court has explored and adapted that narrative to engage carers in both idea generation and reflective conversation about their service.

Additional Creative Resources

A number of additional online resources have been created under the EU Collage project. They include the Risk Hunting application, a responsive web application that provides simple forms of creativity support  to health-and-safety teams to identify and recognise potential health & safety risks, analyse the causes, find potential solutions and integrate the solutions into the general Health & Safety organisational system.