To research and educate about new forms of leadership, and to deliver a new generation of creative people able to deliver this leadership.

To deliver on this purpose, the Centre investigates the phenomenon of creativity and how to lead and support it in professional practice. We treat creative leadership and problem solving as critical skills that can be learned and supported with the cutting-edge frameworks, processes techniques and digital tools that are developed by the Centre and underpinned by interdisciplinary theories and models.

Our research and education are driven by the following challenge and mission statements.

Our challenge statement

The world is increasingly complex, unstructured and dynamic, even chaotic to the uninformed observer. Societal, business and social challenges are no longer predictable, and traditional planning leadership and processes that are derived from single disciplines generate inadequate solutions. Use of the skills and processes generated from these single disciplines does not inform people about what will happen tomorrow or next week, let alone how to respond to this perceived chaos.

Our mission statement

New forms of interdisciplinary leadership are needed to provide new forms of structure that make sense of the chaos. The Centre will research and educate about these new forms of leadership. This research and enterprise will build a new cadre of creative leaders. The new cadre will be delivered with the new interdisciplinary frameworks, knowledge, techniques and skills to investigate, generate, envision, prototype, critique and reflect on creative solutions to these complex, ill-structured and chaotic problems, and provide new forms of intellectual resilience. Moreover, these new interdisciplinary frameworks, knowledge, techniques and skills will be synthesised from not only business and engineering disciplines, but also from the arts, the social and the creativity sciences. Framework development will both inform and be informed by emerging practices. As a result, the new leadership cadre will enable teams to take 'leaps of faith' in more structured and controlled environments, to empower their organisations and teams to do the same. It will empower businesses to be non-business in business, and to be entrepreneurial with these skills, in new contexts. It will enable a wider range of organisations to be more interdisciplinary and business-like