Following successive years of hosting our one day conference ICLCity the Centre undertook a collaboration within Cass Business School to launch Cass Innovate. This collaboration across innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, careers and marketing delivered a one-day event with presentations from thought leaders. This innovation conference was built upon the Centre’s mission to research and educate about new forms of interdisciplinary leadership that are needed to provide new forms of structure that meet the challenge of making sense of a world that is increasingly complex, unstructured and dynamic.

Recognising that innovation is key to companies competing in today's economic climate the conference focused on the Centre’s aim to build a new cadre of creative leaders. It attracted individuals who wish to develop the skills to turn ideas into action offering a range of discussions and workshops on the possibilities that enabling a creative climate can do for them or their company.

Attendees were able to interact and learn from new interdisciplinary frameworks, critique and reflect on creative solutions to these complex, ill-structured and chaotic problems, and provide new forms of intellectual resilience. The conference also showcased the work of staff, students and alumni from the Centre and its Masters in Innovation Creativity and Leadership.

This innovative event also brought together academics and practitioners to launch INJECT: A new digital product for superpowering journalism. INJECT a new digital toolkit for journalists, can be used to quickly and efficiently build news stories to automatically expand the story further with additional content after publishing and ultimately produce better news stories, faster.

The day comprised a variety of activities and you can see more about the event on our workshop and Speakers pages and you can also download the conference schedule.

We recommend that you attend the next Cass Innovate to learn how to hone your leadership skills and creative capabilities.