ICL Conferences

ICLCity is a one day conference hosted by the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practic at Cass Business School.

Our events are attended by a variety of people from a range of professional and academic backgrounds, all coming together to learn and share about Innovation, Creativity and Leadership. There is plenty of networking and knowledge sharing taking place throughout.

ICLCity 2016 was buzzing with creative energy. The eclectic and engaged audience in attendance is testament to the far reaching potential of creative thinking, and to the benefit of cross sector collaboration for both academic and corporate audiences.

- Hannah Beveridge

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The scope and depth of knowledge that can be absorbed from these events and applied in real world innovation and effective change management rivals that of major corporate events! There is no ‘us’ and ‘them’ of academics and attendees – it’s all ‘us’ the seekers and believers in the right way to grown and learn.

- Marq Vejmelka-Crane


In April 2016 we held our one day conference offering a line up of talks and workshops from practitioners and researchers from a wide range of backgrounds on the themes of innovation, creativity and leadership to a multi-disciplinary audience. Speakers included Illugi Eysteinsson, Stuart Pickering and Linda Green.

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