Creative Leadership: Setting the Stage for Innovation

This programme aims to accelerate leaders to a new level of understanding of how to unleash, develop and harness innovation and creativity in their organisations.

The Creative Leadership: Setting the Stage for Innovation is complementary to other initiatives from the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at Cass to educate a new cadre of creative leaders that have intellectual resilience and can apply interdisciplinary approaches to progress creative solutions to the complex, ill-structured and dynamic challenges that we face today.

Key information

Duration: 2 x 2 days
Fee:  £3,000 (includes meals and refreshments)
Dates: We organise dates around the availability of applicants so please contact us for scheduling the next cohort.


  • Andy Wilkins, Senior Fellow
  • Dr Sara Jones, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Amanda Brown, Research Fellow

Contact: or

Programme overview

Leaders today face a world that is increasingly complex, ill-structured, dynamic, and even chaotic to the uninformed observer. Traditional leadership, planning and decision-making approaches are falling short in responding to the societal, organisational, and technological challenges they must address.

Leaders that understand creativity and innovation engage people at all levels in their organisations, transform their business practices and create value for their customers despite the complexity and uncertainty of the environment around them. Creative leadership is a critical business skill that can be learned and applied in many different contexts, sustained by scalable frameworks for creative problem solving and change, and enriched through leading-edge interdisciplinary practice and research.

Who is the programme for

Executives and senior managers across all sectors who are working in contexts with high uncertainty needing fresh and practical changes to ways of working and thinking. Leaders who want to stimulate transformational change and sustain high performance in their organisations or sectors.

Focus and structure

This is a highly experiential programme that blends practice with theory. The key to innovation in management and leadership is the collaboration between theory-oriented practitioners and practice-oriented scholars. Ideas about management of the kind that not only move forward the state of the art but also provide competitive edge often come from collaboration between thinkers and doers to try new approaches.

Concepts from Part 1 may be applied immediately in your organisation; Part 2 enables review, reflection and deeper learning based on your experiences.

You will learn through a combination of assessments/psychometrics, presentations from experts, readings and videos, case studies, group conversations, and group exercises. This will allow you to fully explore the theory and concepts, to analyse and gain wider insight into real-life situations, and to transfer your learning back into the workplace and have confidence in leading for innovation and creativity in your organisation.

We offer other options such as follow up coaching; working with a cross-disciplinary team from your organisation; in-house training with additional and customisable modules; full organisational, team, and leadership assessments. Please contact us to talk any of these through.


  • Understand why embedding creative leadership gives organisations the edge in dealing with complexity and uncertainty
  • Know what people want from today’s leaders and why they become willing followers
  • Learn how to build and sustain the climate (not culture) for innovation and creativity
  • Experience how to effectively switch between creative and critical thinking for problem solving and decision-making
  • Understand how a creative problem solving approach increases engagement and raises performance in teams and organisations
  • Develop strategies to remove barriers to high performance across your organisation
  • Understand the levers for harnessing innovation and creativity to overcome team and organisational challenges
  • Understand what it takes to get into the high performance mindset

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