Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research

The Centre for Healthcare Innovation Research (CHIR) is a truly interdisciplinary Centre which brings together researchers from different disciplines across Cass Business School and the School of Health Sciences at City, University of London. The Centre’s principal objective is to create public value by developing a deeper understanding of the complex challenges of embedding innovation into practice, thereby helping to improve the organisation and delivery of healthcare services.

While most research has focussed on the development of healthcare innovations, and on their clinical or technical features, less attention has been paid to the barriers to spreading and implementing such innovations. Our research focuses on how to best spread and sustain effective and beneficial innovations so that their benefits are widely distributed within health systems.

We aim to understand what it takes to successfully scale and spread innovation in health care. This will serve the needs of policy-makers who seek to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services, and the demands of practitioner and patient groups who aim to advance the quality of patient care by ensuring the availability of the best possible services and treatments.

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