“Corporate Communication through Social Media, Financial Portals and Corporate Pages—Trends, Challenges and the Future”

Is corporate communication via social media, financial portals and corporate pages important? Some facts: in the US, half of S&P 1500 firms use Twitter and the news disseminated via social media has important market consequences. For example, Netflix’s stock price increased 6.2% after Netflix’s CEO posted on his Facebook page that the company’s monthly video streaming exceeded 1 billion hours for the first time in Netflix’s history. A false tweet about an explosion at the White House resulted in a 150 points drop in the Dow Jones industrial average. BRANDfog survey reported that 73% of participants perceived CEOs with social media engagement to be more effective leaders. Academic studies show that investors trust more and are willing to invest in a firm when the firm’s CEO broaches negative earnings news through his/her personal Twitter account rather than when the news is transmitted through the firm’s website or the firm’s official Twitter account. Further, research shows that investors who use research information from various sources, including corporate pages and social media, earn 10% higher returns than other investors. 

The Centre for Financial Analysis and Reporting Research (CeFARR) at Cass Business School invited practitioners and academics for a one-day conference on the recent trends, challenges and the future of corporate communication via social media, financial portals and corporate pages. The conference took place on 15th September 2017.


Session one

Chaired by Dr Pawel Bilinski

Session two

Session three

Chaired by Dr Art Kraft

Session four

Chaired by Dr Andrew Yim

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Organised by Dr Pawel Bilinski and Dr Ivana Raonic