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2018 newsletter articles

What's in store for 2018?
Professor Paul Palmer wrote a piece for the Charity Finance Group magazine to summarise his predictions for the sector in 2018.

Charities can 'no longer afford to be digitally defiant'
Dr Simon Davey, Cass CCE consultant shares tips and advice on creating a digital strategy.

UK charities should make the case to run more public services
Professor Ian Bruce wrote a piece for The Guardian about the potential opportunities available to charities as concern over the privatisation of public services grows.

Charities want to be more honest with funders
Mark Salway reflects on the Barclays-Cass Charity Learning Series for Civil Society.

The key secrets to being a good trustee
Professor Paul Palmer featured in 'The key secrets to being a successful charity trustee' by the Charity Times in January.

Reputation is all for charities in wake of Presidents Club dinner exposé – but it is men in the firing line
Professor Stephen Lee wrote a piece for The Conversation about reputational issues for charities in the wake of the Financial Times investigation into the Presidents Club.

How social investment can make a charity more sustainable
Mark Salway wrote a piece for Good Finance about how social investment can make a charity more sustainable.

Well grounded
Eve Wagg, CCE alumna of Voluntary Sector Management, tell the Independent about her social enterprise helping unemployed people find work in the coffee industry.

Oxfam scandal linked to Sport Relief raising a third less on the night
Professor Stephen Lee was interview by The Guardian about if the recent Oxfam scandal has damaged Sport Relief.

We all need to be socially entrepreneurial
A self-described artist before a businessman, Lord Bird MBE, Founder of The Big Issue and member of the House of Lords, identifies an emerging social entrepreneur that is heading into the fourth industrial revolution.

2017 articles

Five key questions guiding our Leadership Development Programmes
Principal Consultant, James Barrett, explains why charities need the security of highly effective leaders who are able to provide strategic, tactical and psychological safety to keep their organisations afloat and flourishing during these turbulent times.

The role of trustees and trustee boards in governance
Ahead of our upcoming partnership, Lynne Berry talked to the Financial Times Non Executive Directors' club about governance and the role of trustee boards.

Five success factors for sound investment decisions
Charities with investment portfolios, upwards of £5m but less than £50m, can often find it difficult to gain access to impartial advice in a cost effective manner. Forward thinking organisations in the sector ensure they are considering a variety of approaches to investment to achieve long term sustainability.

Developing dashboards for your charity board: Efficient ways to get information, monitor performance and make decisions
Many nonprofit boards struggle to get a good balance between getting sufficient information and being swamped with pages and pages of reports, containing figures and all manner of information.

Ethos, values and behaviours
Joe Lowther, alumni of our professional development courses (Outstanding Leadership, New Chief Executives) talks about his learning experience and how this relates to his organisation

Facing the future
Predicting the future is a tricky business, but charities that anticipate what lies ahead will be best placed to survive and thrive.

The Road Ahead
The Road Ahead is NCVO's annual analysis of the changing operating environment for anyone working in the voluntary sector. It identifies and explains forces and trends that are shaping the sector, and that are likely to have an impact on the future of voluntary organisations.

Social Landscape 2017
Charities Aid Foundation and ACEVO publish the Social Landscapes report, revealing the state of charities and social enterprises going into 2017.

The distinction between 'Good' and 'Outstanding' leadership
The Outstanding Leadership seminars are based on the acclaimed research undertaken by The Work Foundation and published in 2010 which explored the distinction between 'Good' and 'Outstanding' leadership.

Finance Professionals 
Caron Bradshaw, Chief Executive of the Charity Finance Group, explains why she feels that the best finance professionals are passionate business partners who are equally motivated by desire to change the world.

Raising resources to meet our full potential
Ruth Leonard, Head of Volunteering Development, Macmillan Cancer Support and Director of Association of Volunteer Managers (AVM), discusses the topical subject of volunteering.

Is social investment growing fast enough?
Mark Salway, Cass CCE Director of Social Finance, gives an overview of recent research into key barriers and enablers and the potential future size of the market.

2016 articles

New Routes to CSO Sustainability
Professor John Hailey and Mark Salway wrote an academic research paper focused on sustainability of civil society organisations in the developing world.

Highlighting Trustee Development
Throughout the years, Cass CCE has encouraged the effectiveness of trustees through seminars, development programmes, consultancy and publications. However, all the best intentions come to nought if Trustees don’t recognise that they might need support. Anecdotal evidence suggests that perhaps 25-30% of Trustees are not aware of their role and responsibilities.

Elevating Leaders from 'Good' to 'Outstanding'
Research from the Charity Commission revealed that public trust in charities is at an all-time low. They say that there has been a “significant” decrease in the public’s trust and confidence in charities, and the sector is now less trusted than the ordinary man in the street.

All inspection, no inspiration
There has arguably never been a more challenging time to be a trustee. High profile cases and the subsequent open season on the voluntary sector, have brought into sharp focus the importance of good governance. The common theme that runs through each of these reputational dramas that play out in the public gaze is the pointed question: where were the trustees?
Bill Colvin and Simon Hopkins are respectively the Chairman and CEO of the UK poverty Charity Turn2us.

Get Informed
Recent research from CCE has shown that Trustees are more positive on most aspects of charity finance than both the CEO and FD. However, when it comes to social investment they are over 20% more negative than both. This appears to be because Trustees are risk averse towards moving charity finances away from grants and donations.

Resilience & Mental Health
In a world facing huge uncertainty and where the demands of life and work are far greater than the resources we have to meet those, good mental health, emotional resilience and physical well-being can be hard to come by.

My Second Curve
Inspired by an event with Charles Handy, senior research fellow Justin Davis Smith discusses what will be on his agenda over the next few months.

Distinguishing between the governance and management of fundraising
Stephen Lee, Academic Leader for the Charity Marketing and Fundraising MSc programme dissects the different responsibilities within the fundraising function and with whom they should lie.

Developing communication and ensuring impact with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity
Associate Consultant, Karen Glossop, reflects on a recent consultancy assignment, exploring how and when to project gravitas and how to increase personal impact.

Social Investment Toolkit
We are really excited to launch our brand new, free social investment toolkit which help you to understand social investment and how you can use it in your funding mix.
Take part in the accompanying questionnaire.

Working with power and experience - achieving impact as a leader
Principal Consultant, James Barrett, shares the simple framework that we have developed to support nonprofit leaders to maximise their leadership impact and focus their leadership development.

De-mystifying the hype
Mark Salway, Director of Social Finance, discusses the role social investment can play in the sector based on a series of seminars run last year.

Setting up a rural advice network
The New Forest Advice Network (NFAN) was founded during a project spanning two years, funded by the Big Lottery Advice Services Transition Fund. The aim was to bring together five advice-sector organisations operating in the New Forest in order to provide a more efficient and sustainable advice service for the people of the New Forest.