Barclays-Cass Learning Series

Charities in a dynamic world

Insights from the Barclays-Cass Charity Learning Series

The Charity Learning Series, launched by Barclays and Cass Centre for Charity Effectiveness, aimed to upskill the charitable sector in financial management.

The series included six invite-only round-table debates starting in 2017, taking place in regional venues across the country. Topics discussed included:

  • Collaboration
  • Sustainability
  • Efficiency
  • Risk appetite
  • Use of reserves
  • Innovation and scalability

Lynne Berry OBE says, 'Charities need to be part of the fundamental debate about purpose and role. They also need to focus on doing what they do well and then doing it better. This report from the Cass CCE/Barclays seminars will help them do just that.'

Find out how your charity can ready itself for whatever change may come.