Overview for resources and guides

Our mission is to inspire positive transformation and change for and within the nonprofit sector to develop a truly sustainable society. We are passionate about sharing knowledge to enable individuals and organisations is crucial in achieving this goal.

If you discover something for which you require more dedicated support, please visit our business services pages for consulting and research.

Governance and Strategy

Peering over the Precipice

This toolkit is aimed at charity trustees and executives who want to consider where they are on the organisational lifecycle curve. It will enable them to explore what impact the current environment is having on their organisation and on the economic and social value that it creates.

Building Better Governance

These Building Better Governance Guides cover the essentials of nonprofit governance.

Tools for Success

Tools for Success, funded by City Bridge Trust, is a series of short guides intended for use by any small voluntary and community organisation wishing to invest in its long-term sustainability.

Trustee Awareness Research

Our report in partnership with the Worshipful Company of Management Consultants provides the most comprehensive picture of trusteeship in a generation, and recommends that charity boards do more to promote diversity and encourage applications from trustees from non-traditional backgrounds.

Social Investment and Financial Sustainability

Social Investment practitioner research paper

While most reports on social investment to date have focused from the investor’s viewpoint, our report is aimed from the charity side and should be directly relevant to charities and their motivation for using social investment as a new finance tool. It will also be of considerable interest to investors and intermediaries wanting to engage with this nascent market.

Cost Recovery guide

Cost recovery is critical to costing and pricing services and activities in charities. The toolkit will help you to understand what cost recovery is, how to use cost recovery within your organisation, how to negotiate with funders to recover a greater level of overheads and how much activities and services ‘really’ cost so you can take strategic decisions to proceed or not.

Social Investment guide

Download our new guide which will help you to understand social investment and how you can use it in your funding mix. It also includes a diagnostic tool that you can use to think about social investment.

Other topics

Voluntary Action report

Sir Stuart Etherington, sets out some challenging propositions for the future of civil society in a report described by Professor Paul Palmer as “a bold vision for the role that voluntary action can play in tackling many of the problems facing UK society, sustaining civil-society organisations and ensuring that we remain an open society”.

The role of philanthropy in post-Brexit Britain

In his recent research paperDr Peter Grant considers the likely impact of the UK leaving the European Union around the three key referendum issues of the economy, sovereignty and immigration. It then suggests some of the ways charitable organisations and private philanthropy should respond, especially regarding potential threats to British democracy.