Reports and research

Knowledge sharing is a key part of Cass CCE’s mission to inspire positive transformation and change in the nonprofit sector.

We are pleased to provide links to a range of related reports and research which may be of interest.


Contemporary governance

This article examines the challenges and opportunities inherent in the vital Chair/CEO relationship in the nonprofit sector.

The thinking in this article emerged from a series of discussion forums, entitled ‘Challenges in Contemporary Governance’, held by CCE during 2019-20 for invited Chairs and Chief Executives of national charities, and a CCE presentation at the Civil Society Trustee Exchange online conference held in July 2020.

Further articles based on themes and learning from those discussions will be published by CCE in due course.

Chair/Chief Executive: working together to build resilience

Trustees and Leaders

Taken on Trust

Taken on Trust: the awareness and effectiveness of charity trustees in England and Wales (2017)

This report presents the most comprehensive picture of trusteeship in a generation, this report recommends that charity boards do more to promote diversity and encourage applications from trustees from non-traditional backgrounds. The research found that charity trustees, who are overwhelmingly volunteers, feel positively about their role and about the personal reward and satisfaction it gives them, and highlighted that trustees' contribution to charities amounts to a monetary equivalent of around £3.5 billion a year.

Trustee Exchange: 'Building the Top Team: Reaching New Heights Together'

Notes from an interactive workshop session facilitated by Cass CCE Consultant Caroline Copeman at the Civil Society Trustee Exchange (April 2019), to launch a new Cass CCE ‘Building Better Governance’ good practice guide entitled ‘Developing the whole top team’.

Voluntary action

Voluntary Action: A way forward (2017)

Professor Paul Palmer described this report by Cass CCE Visiting Professor Sir Stuart Etherington as “a bold vision for the role that voluntary action can play in tackling many of the problems facing UK society, sustaining civil society organisations and ensuring that we remain an open society”.

Read the full Voluntary Action report.


Beyond Reason: Brexit, Philanthropy and the Threat to Democracy

In this research paper, Dr Peter Grant, Course Director for the Charities Master's programmes at Cass Business School, considers the likely impact of the UK leaving the European Union around the three key referendum issues of the economy, sovereignty and immigration. It suggests some of the ways charitable organisations and private philanthropy should respond, in particular regarding potential threats to British democracy.

Download CCE's Brexit Research paper

Charity Finance

Charities in a dynamic world

Insights from the Cass CCE-Barclays ‘Charity Learning’ series

This report by Lynne Berry OBE, Visiting Professor at Cass Business School, presents key learning from a series of six round table discussions hosted throughout the UK by Cass CCE in 2017. It looks at how to upskill the charitable sector in financial management, and covering topics including collaboration, sustainability, efficiency, risk appetite, use of reserves, and innovation and scalability.

Download the full insights report