Partnership for Impact: Investing in the Chair-Chief Executive relationship

Research has identified the need for a clear framework within which the Chair-CEO relationship can thrive. Cass CCE has partnered with Roffey Park, leaders in organisation development, to deliver a two-day programme to enable the Chair and CEO to build a solid foundation and establish the best possible partnership for a successful future.

Focus and structure

This two-day residential programme is designed specifically to address the nature of the Chair-CEO relationship. At a time of significant change for the nonprofit sector, the resilience of organisations and their leaders is of paramount importance to their success.

Recognising that individuals will bring different previous experiences, the programme is varied in scope and style. It allows time for considering key issues relating to the Chair-CEO relationship with input from a range of different perspectives, opportunity to share experiences with others and time for intensive 1-2-1 discussions between the CEO and Chair themselves.

The programme will enable nonprofit Chairs and CEO’s to:

  • Build the foundation for a relationship of trust
  • Understand one another’s perspectives on key issues relating to working together
  • Gain insight into the power of your organisational culture and dynamics, and the potential impact of this on your working relationship
  • Understanding different communication styles and leadership styles, and how this can play out for you
  • Discuss the taboos in your organisation and therefore your partnership – surface the issues which seem too difficult to mention
  • Define the future you wish to create for yourselves, your Board and your organisation.

Cass CCE and Roffey Park

The Cass CCE aims to drive transformation through the nonprofit sector, stimulating thriving careers and professional growth. Roffey Park is focussed on improving the wellbeing of the UK workplace. Together, the Cass CCE and Roffey Park bring decades of work in human relationships and nonprofit expertise to explore the complex nature of the Chair-CEO relationship - at a deep, human dynamics level.

Cass Business School, City, University of London. Centre for Charity Effectiveness

Programme dates and costs


Together, the two institutions will launch this new and exciting programme at Roffey Park in summer 2018.

Please register interest and we will be in touch to confirm all programme details soon.

Programme Costs

Please register interest and we will be in touch to confirm all programme details soon.

Who is the programme for?

The programme has been developed for CEOs and Chairs who are within the first 18 months of commencing their work together. The programme is designed for the CEO and Chair to attend together.

How to book?

We will provide the option of both invoice and online bookings.

Please register interest and we will be in touch to confirm all programme details soon.