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Charity Investment course

The next course will run in Spring 2019, please register interest using the red button below and we will be in touch with details as soon as they become available.

Progamme Dates

The Charity Investment Course will run again in Spring 2019.

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Who should attend

The course is intended for Trustees and finance staff with existing investment knowledge or Investment Committee experience. They will normally be entrusted with the stewardship of charity investment portfolios with investible assets of £10m or more.

How to apply

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The UK charity sector is enormously diverse by scale, by purpose and by organisational structure. However, one common feature shared by all charities is a desire to make the most of their resources.

This includes ensuring that the financial assets are invested to meet the needs of the charity, whether as a reserve to cover potential liabilities or as a source of return generation.

Most charities in the UK have small investment portfolios and are well served by the various charity specific pooled fund options currently available. However, charities with larger portfolios - from perhaps £10m upwards - have scope to adopt more tailored investment approaches, but they can find it difficult to gain access to impartial advice and guidance on a cost effective basis. The largest charity funds may have sufficient scale to justify paying fees to investment consultants for bespoke advice.

But many charities do not and instead rely heavily on their fund managers for all their investment requirements, which can make it difficult to assess performance objectively or to consider different approaches.

The Cass CCE Charity Investment Course addresses these issues and has been designed to provide charity trustees and finance staff with the tools they need to make these objective assessments and consider better approaches.

The course will cover the following key areas:

  • Setting investment objectives suitable to the charity's needs
  • Establishing an investment strategy to meet these objectives
  • The governance structure required to enable tactical decisions to be taken around this strategy
  • Understanding investment risk and its relevance to your charity
  • Selecting managers to implement your strategy
  • Measuring success and monitoring progress

The focus throughout the course will be on practical implementation of the concepts discussed, with case studies about and contributions from other leading charities. The course teachers will include both academics from Cass Business School and practitioners from investment firms and charities.

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