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Covid-19 response

All of our professional development programmes and events from September 2020 will be delivered online during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. We will be using different platforms and programme formats in order to ensure that all our programmes offer a high-quality, varied and engaging learning experience.

CCE remains fully committed to delivering our 2020-21 professional development programmes and other events, in spite of restrictions on face-to-face activities resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rescheduled spring 2020 CCE programmes:

Anyone who had signed up for or started a CCE programme which was postponed in spring 2020, will be contacted individually with new dates and programme details.

Programme delivery developments during 2020-21:

Where appropriate we will offer our programmes online for the whole of 2020-21, so that anyone who wishes to may continue to learn online throughout their chosen programme, without the need to travel or attend sessions in person.

During the coming months, City, University of London, including CCE, will continue to closely monitor developments in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest information about City, University of London’s response to the pandemic can be found on the students and visitors page.

At such time as face-to-face meetings may become possible again, and depending on the logistics and spaces required to enable full compliance with any social distancing measures, we will aim to provide learning in face-to-face formats once again for those who wish to take up that option. Face-to-face learning would be offered in parallel with our core online offering. We will publish more details of any such developments in due course.

Our staff, consultants and faculty remain dedicated to supporting our clients during this challenging time; please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests to

Professional Development Programmes

Charity Talk

Date: 18th November 18:00
Hear charity leaders share their expertise on the challenges facing the sector. This evening lecture series has welcomed over 10,000 attendees since it was founded 25 years ago.
The title of this event is 'Closing with dignity'. The event will be hosted by Alex Skailes, Director of the Centre for Charity Effectiveness, and will include speakers Cassie Robinson and Iona Lawrence of the Stewarding Loss project.

New Chief Executives

Date: 3rd December 2020 | Duration: Thirteen half-days over seven months
At a time when many nonprofit organisations are confronted by extraordinary challenges, this programme offers a high quality, practitioner-focused, learning development experience for new nonprofit chief executives.

Aspiring Chief Executives

Date: 28th January 2021 | Duration:  Thirteen half-days over seven months
Designed to empower nonprofit leaders who want to take that step up to become chief executives, this programme aims to increase your confidence and ability to excel in your current leadership role.

Charity Investment Course

Date: Spring 2021 | Duration: Four days
This course has been designed to provide charity trustees and finance staff with the knowledge they need to assess investment strategies and consider what other approaches might be available.

Outstanding Leadership Breakfast Series

Date: 8th October 2020 | One morning per month (08:00 - 10:30)
These breakfast seminars bring to life the acclaimed Outstanding Leadership Research through a series of bite-sized modules that allow you to directly apply your learning to the workplace. (Still open for individual module bookings)

Building Financial Sustainability and Re-imagining Organisations

Date: 13th November 2020 | Duration: Four days
This programme is designed to help charity leaders re-frame their organisations to maximise impact, become more resilient and develop sustainable financial models. The course is highly interactive, allowing senior level speakers to share their practical knowledge, enabling you to make lasting change in your organisation.

Inspiring Financial Leadership Breakfast Series

Date: 14th October 2020 | One morning per month (08:30 - 11:00)
The Inspiring Financial Leadership series is run in partnership between CCE, CFG and Sayer Vincent. Centred on the role of the charity finance professional, drawing on robust leadership research and grounded in the challenges that finance professionals face, this course is highly interactive using a mix of practical experience, research and best practice.

Consultancy and Business Services

Take a look at the bespoke management consultancy services we offer to organisations across the non-profit sector.