Podcast Series

CCE podcast series produced in partnership with Good Charity Bad Charity.

These conversational podcasts, produced in partnership with Good Charity Bad Charity are designed to engage and stimulate thinking about current issues and challenges in the charity and nonprofit sector. In each episode, three presenters chat with a charity leader about their world, their passions, and their top tips for improvement.

CCE Director Alex Skailes has joined the podcast team to explore the key topics facing the charity sector. You can listen to her contributions in the episodes below:

Recent podcast

Listen now: Charities are making tough decisions about who to furlough, who to let go, and they’re all running so fast, but this will be a marathon

Reflecting on the impact that Covid-19 is having on the charity sector Alex Skailes joins the GCBC team to discuss cash flow, the dilemmas of furloughing, and a new vision for UK charity.

Past episode

Listen now: What might be right for one organisation would be completely wrong for another – Alex Skailes, Director, Centre for Charity Effectiveness

CCE director Alex Skailes talks to Keith, Camilla and David about why she believes that charity boards would benefit from considering a merger at regular interviews and her experience of leading a ten-way merger of organisations.

Listen to the entire series

The entire podcast series with guests from the charity sector is available to stream is available on all good podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, iHeart, RadioPublic, and RSS) and from the Good Charity, Bad Charity website. Listen to the podcast series so far


Listen now: We’re Seeing Reverse Darwinism; organisations which were the strongest a year ago are now the most challenged – Paul Streets, Chief Executive, Lloyds Bank Foundation

Paul Streets, Chief Executive of the Lloyds Bank Foundation and visiting professor at Cass Business School discusses how his organisation is responding to the challenges of Covid-19 and whether the crisis could lead to a new economic settlement.