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September 2016

Lead Articles

May 2016

Lead Articles

  • My Second Curve, Justin Davis Smith
    Inspired by our recent event with Charles Handy, our new senior research fellow, Justin Davis Smith discusses what will be on his agenda over the next few months.

Project Stories

February 2016

Lead Articles

  • Working with power and experience- achieving impact as a leader, James Barrett

    Principal Consultant, James Barrett, shares the simple framework that we have developed to support nonprofit leaders to maximise their leadership impact and focus their leadership development. The framework was first developed during our three year Leadership Development Programme for students’ unions, commissioned by the NUS, and is now used to shape the design of our other leadership programmes.

Project Stories

  • Setting up a Rural Advice Network - Collaboration and change management, Ernie Messer

    The New Forest Advice Network (NFAN) was founded during a project spanning two years, funded by the Big Lottery Advice Services Transition Fund. The aim was to bring together five advice-sector organisations operating in the New Forest in order to provide a more efficient and sustainable advice service for the people of the New Forest. Ernie Messer, one of Cass CCE's Principal Consultants, led the first stage of the collaboration process, focusing particularly on the people-related aspects and building trust. This was further tracked and developed as the project progressed with additional actions and new activities embedded to ensure success.