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Why choose our Social Investment seminars?

Our Social Investment seminars aims to de-mystify the hype, and say why borrowing and social investment may be appropriate for a charity or nonprofit – or equally, why it may not be.

Programme dates and costs

We are currently reviewing dates for 2018/19.

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To find out about our bespoke and specialist activities, please contact Mark Salway, Director of Social Finance.

About the seminar programme

The seminars will provide the opportunity to learn about social investment and to ask important questions; what opportunities does it bring and what are its barriers? Providing answers and stimulating good conversation on how it could be useful.

We note that money is getting tighter and sustainability is at the forefront of the sector's mind with continued government cuts. We explore how philanthropy may change and how social investment could become part of a sustainable funding mix.

The seminars will be run by Mark Salway, who has wide experience of charity finance over 20 years. He works in Cass CCE as Director of Social Finance. He will be inviting key speakers from the industry to share their thoughts and to say how they have practionally implemented  social investment and provide some practical takeaways to help build charity confidence and trust, so charities can see for themselves what is the right funding model for them. We will also have some time to think through with peers what this means to your charity.