Peering over the Precipice

Peering over the Precipice: a toolkit for nonprofits to help reinvent and thrive

A special exploration lab to celebrate the launch of Peering over the precipice: A toolkit to reinvent and thrive. The lab, aimed at senior staff and trustees of charities, explored four questions that lie at the heart of successful strategic leadership:

  1. How can we get our people to free up their thinking about the future?
  2. What does it take for a board and senior team to take the reinvention leap together?
  3. What kind of leadership capabilities and capacity do we need to build in ourselves and gather around us as we reinvent?
  4. How can we help people cope with incremental change (the normal steps we need to take to improve), at the same time as reinventing (doing new and different things to ensure even greater impact for beneficiaries)?

Input from key leaders in the sector

We called the seminar a lab because it’s about experimenting to surface new ideas about strategic leadership, change and reinvention. We designed the morning around conversation and exploration not presentations and speeches! But we did have some short inputs to stimulate our thinking from Polly Neate, Chief Executive at Shelter, Rosie Ferguson, Chief Executive at Gingerbread, Heather Richardson, Joint Chief Executive at St Christopher’s Hospice, and Christine Fogg and Chris Burghes, Chair and Chief Executive of the Royal Free Charity. They each addressed one of our four question topics, and share some of their learning and insights.

Please note, this event has already taken place.