Olivier Mythodrama Leadership Workshops

Please note, these workshops have already taken place and we currently have no plans to hold any additional workshops in the near future.

Together with Cass CCE experts, Olivier Mythodrama use their unique methodology of interactive work to bring to life the insights and skills of Shakespeare’s famous leaders in our Leadership Workshops. Two previous workshops have enabled leaders across sectors to effectively harness their influence and inspire those around them. Details of these past workshops, featuring Julius Caesar and Henry V, can be found below.

The workshops were designed for nonprofit Directors/CEOs and Managers and were of particular interest and value to alumni of the Cass CCE professional development programmes.

Influential Leadership: Power & Politics within organisations - Lessons from Julius Caesar

June 2017 | Cass Business School

Following the success of the Inspirational Leadership: Henry V - fit to lead? workshop, Cass CCE and Olivier Mythodrama came together again to deliver a second workshop, based on Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Using influence effectively is a key attribute of the wise leader. This workshop was focused on the practical application of influence within the increasing complexity of organisational life. It answered the question:

"How do I influence colleagues and lead the direction of my organisation?"

Drawing lessons from four diverse leaders in Shakespeare’s political masterpiece – Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and Mark Anthony – we explore the nature of politics, ensuring participants have the knowledge to operate effectively within organisational power structures.

This learning draws from the following areas:

  • The nature and elements of power and politics in organisational life
  • Understanding political intelligence and building a coalition
  • Mobilising support and using power effectively
  • Influencing elements and skills
  • Emotional intelligence and moral development
  • Consequences and legacy
  • Building a personal stakeholder influencing plan of action

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Inspirational Leadership: Henry V - fit to lead?

December 2016 | Cass Business School

Of all Shakespeare's stories, Henry V offers us the deepest insights into the nature of inspiration. This workshop provided space for attendees to consider a range of aspects of their own leadership including:

  • The building blocks needed to be fit to serve as an inspiring and outstanding leader
  • Personal resilience and methods to build on their strengths
  • Techniques to deal with stress and mental pressures
  • Consideration of a personal plan to help be best prepared as leaders to serve their teams and other stakeholders
  • How to spot the signs of stress in our team colleagues and ways in which we can support them
  • Fresh ways to approach leadership and learn from others in the group about what it takes to become inspirational

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