What you need to know to be an effective Trustee

What you need to know to be an effective Trustee

It's not just a bit of charity work

Cass CCE and the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors Club partnered to deliver this workshop in March and November 2017. If you are interested in attending a future workshop please register your interest and we will be in touch with any updates on future workshops. You can find further information below on our previous workshops including background information, who should attend and the benefits of attending.

The environment in which charities are working has altered dramatically. Economic, social and technological changes are posing new challenges for charities and some high-profile failures have meant that charities are more than ever under scrutiny.

In March 2017, the House of Lords Select Committee on charities said:

‘Good governance is fundamental to a strong charity sector. Charities need strong governance, with robust structures, processes and good behaviours, in order to deliver effectively for their beneficiaries. We call for new efforts to provide training and development for trustees and recommend that charity boards should undertake greater self-reflection, examining their behaviours, processes and skills’.

On 13th July 2017, following extensive consultation, an updated Code of Governance for Charities was launched. The code for the first time sets out clear aspirations for a Charity Board to meet. The starting point and foundation for these aspirations is that that all trustees should understand their roles and legal responsibilities, are committed to good and effective governance and are able to contribute to their charity’s objectives and social impact.

These workshops provide a thoroughly practical opportunity to enable trustees to meet these requirements and to understand the challenges they pose, drawing on the two great brands of Cass Business School through its Centre for Charity Effectiveness (Cass CCE) and the FT through the FT Non-Executive Directors’ Club (FT NED Club).

Each has a great track record in promoting good governance and in supporting people to get the skills to take on Board roles. The FTNED Club through its events and the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma and Cass CCE through its specialist nonprofit governance services and recent research findings on Trustee Awareness during a study commissioned by the Office of Civil Society and the Charity Commission.

We know there is growing interest in crossing organisational and sectoral boundaries and these two expert organisations have come together to create a one-day programme especially designed to address the issues affecting trustees’ ability to work most effectively and reflecting the changing landscape that charities are having to cope with. This workshop will help people keen to develop their non-executive skills working across sectors, in both the for-profit and nonprofit worlds.

This event is not meant to be a theoretical look at charity governance but will explore how to transition one’s skills to a different sector to make the maximum impact as a trustee. It is grounded in the real life experiences of the speakers who will tell it not just as it ought to be, but as it really is. All the speakers have cross sectoral experience. The day will look in depth at the differences between the nonprofit and other sectors and will give real insight into the challenges, opportunities, and sometimes surprises, people face when transitioning to the role of charity trustee.

Who should attend?

Experienced executives from the corporate sector, senior public sector executives and members of professional advisory firms who are considering taking on a trustee role for the first time, especially those who are thinking of combining a nonprofit with a range of for-profit roles.

Anyone who has recently taken on a trustee role and who is new to the charity and social enterprise sector. Any more experienced trustee who wants to make sure they are keeping their skills and knowledge up to date and maximising the impact they have on the success of their charity.

Benefits of attending

Gain an understanding of how a charity board functions in real life.

Learn from speakers with broad cross-sectoral experience, hear their first-hand experiences of how they bridged the gap successfully.

Understand the differences between charity and other legal structures and how that impacts on the role of the trustee.

Become a more effective trustee who has a greater impact on the governance of the charity and on its overall impact.

Further information

Please register interest here in order to receive updates on any future workshops.

For further enquiries regarding this workshop, please contact CassCCE@city.ac.uk.