Social Finance: De-mystifying the hype

These seminars aim to demystify the hype, and say why borrowing and social investment may be appropriate for a charity or nonprofit - or equally, why it may not be. The seminar will provide the opportunity to learn about social investment and to ask important questions; what opportunities does it bring and what are its barriers? Providing answers and stimulating good conversation on how it could be useful.

Honorary Treasurers Forum

This was created to help Honorary Treasurers in the important work they carry out by providing a place where they can come together as a community, share expertise and promote best practice.

Olivier Mythodrama Leadership Workshops

Together with Cass CCE experts, Olivier Mythodrama use their unique methodology of interactive work to being to life the insights and skills of Shakespeare's famous leaders in our Leadership Workshops.

Legal Advice Sector Leadership Development Programme

This programme not only seeks to nurture individual leadership talent, but also wishes to to equip leaders with the expertise to develop innovative, sustainable organisations, and to be a catalyst for positive change across the wider sector.