Any specialist Masters degree is a highly sought after qualification; a Charity MSc from Cass Business School is the ultimate academic qualification for the nonprofit sector and an important investment in your future career.

About the Charities Masters programme

The academic study of management (and, in particular, the study of voluntary sector management) is highly interdisciplinary, taking theory and practice from a wide range of disciplines within the social sciences and humanities. It is our firm belief that the most effective learning environment is a combination of academic rigour balanced with immediate professional relevance. This is reflected in both the content and the approach that we take to teaching and learning on these MSc courses. Students come from diverse backgrounds, resulting in a dynamic learning experience and a powerful network.

The Cass learning experience

The two-year, part-time structure of our Charities Masters allows students the flexibility of choosing the level of their qualification (Postgraduate Diploma or MSc), and whether they want to cover one subject in depth through a dissertation or a further specialist area (through teaching), to complete the full Master's.

All the Charity Masters courses require attendance once a month for teaching. Teaching usually commences at 13.00 on a Friday afternoon and finishes at 18.00 on a Saturday at Cass Business School. Students should allow at least ten hours per week of non-taught, personal study in their own time.

Students are also required to commit to additional time for the induction programme, action learning sets and exams.

The five MScs

If you are interested in one of the courses, please talk to members of the academic team at one of their information sessions. All information sessions take place on campus, please scroll until you find the charities programme courses before completing the form. For information about further info sessions, please get in touch with a member of the team using the contact details at the bottom of the page.

Entry requirements

The Charities Masters programme is aimed at applicants who hold a first degree and three of more years work experience in a similar role and/or related professional qualification. Exact requirements may differ depending upon which of the five courses you choose to study.

Further information

To find out more, please visit the pages highlighted above which have individual brochures available to download.

If you have any questions, please email

Funding for the courses

You may wish to look at both the PGLoan option and the Career Development Loan option for funding.