Building Financial Sustainability & Re-imagining Organisations

This two day programme empowers the charity leader to redefine their financial and business models to maximise impact.

Programme dates

In order to minimise the disruption to busy schedules, the programme is structured to run over two consecutive days. The programme will be held on the following dates:

  • Tuesday 5th May 2020
  • Wednesday 6th May 2020

Programme costs

Full programme fees are £550 at the early-bird rate (up until 16th April) which covers the two days plus a 30 minute tutor phone call, refreshments/lunch and a drinks reception. The programme fee does not include overnight accommodation.

How to request an invoice

To request an invoice for our Building Financial Sustainability programme taking place in May 2020, please visit our Request an Invoice - Building Financial Sustainability May 2020 form and fill in the relevant details. A confirmation email will be sent out once the form has been completed.

Why choose our Building Financial Sustainability Programme?

We are delighted to present this course, designed to help charity leaders re-frame their organisations to maximise impact, become more resilient and develop sustainable financial models. The course will be highly interactive, allowing senior-level speakers to share their practical knowledge, enabling you to make lasting change in your organisations.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at CEOs, Finance Directors, Business Development Managers, other senior staff and Trustees of non-profit organisations.

If you are unsure whether you may be suitable for the course please contact us:

Building Financial Sustainability Programme structure

This course supports charity leaders to re-frame their financial strategies to maximise impact, become more resilient and develop new business models.

You will explore topics such as financial sustainability, growth and implementing change, and leave with a framework on how to create change for your organisation based on the RISE principles: Re-imagine, Impact, Sustainability and Efficiency. The course is highly interactive, with expert speakers from a range of organisations and backgrounds.

What you will learn

  • How to develop new business models
  • How to think about financial sustainability in your organisation and link this to impact
  • How the sector is adapting to the shifting political and economic landscape
  • How to operate in tough times with reduced resources
  • How to apply practical ways of managing strategic planning, decision making and governance
  • How to collaborate with different actors to create positive change.

"Very well thought through with brilliant presenters and innovative, current, relevant, thought provoking presentations and discussions."

- Previous Building Financial Sustainability participant

"All of the sessions were very strong, with little gems of advice delivered throughout the course."

- Previous Building Financial Sustainability participant