Cass CCE supports non-profit organisations to develop first class strategic thinking and planning to help deliver their organisation’s objectives more effectively within a rapidly changing environment.

"Strategy, a combination of thinking, planning and action, can be seen as a means of mobilising an organisation to get to its future - delivering superior value and making a difference for beneficiaries."- Caroline Copeman, Visiting Fellow, Cass CCE Consultant and CCE Service lead for Strategy 

Cass CCE Strategy services can support you with:

  • Designing and facilitating all elements of the strategic planning process
  • Securing essential input from diverse stakeholders
  • Defining measures and designing processes to effectively monitor progress.

Our approach

At Cass CCE, we believe that a good strategy provides an essential framework for decision making. It makes clear what an organisation’s priorities are and what resources and capabilities it needs to focus on delivering, in order to best fit the changing environment.

Our expert consultants have the experience to support each client through stimulating debate, providing fresh insights and helping each organisation to make the best decisions with confidence.

Where appropriate, we work in partnership with leading legal and accounting firms in order to deliver completely integrated advice.

These are some examples of the types of strategic scenarios that Cass CCE can support non-profit organisations to deliver:

  • Your organisation has already made a significant social impact, and is regarded as successful, but your Board have a sense that you could deliver more, and need to do this to get to the next level of growth? Cass CCE can help you develop a clear strategy to achieve the growth and change your organisation needs.
  • Demand for your organisation’s services is changing and you need to respond effectively. You know that achieving this is likely to require significant organisational change and improved strategic marketing capability. Cass CCE can help you to design and deliver a successful change programme.
  • Your organisation is considering a merger or acquisition, or you want to put in place a collaboration agreement with another non-profit organisation. Cass CCE can provide the expert guidance you need to plan and implement successful mergers, acquisitions and collaborations.

Cass CCE also offers strategy and strategic planning learning opportunities through our professional development programmes.