Strategic Marketing

Creating a strategic marketing framework for your nonprofit organisation is a powerful way with which to power the delivery of objectives, goals and aspirations.

“The applicability to the charity sector of the marketing ethos, of starting with the needs and wants of the customer is strikingly obvious.  Marketing in charities is a powerful philosophical and practical force for positive development and progress." - Professor Ian Bruce, CBE

Cass CCE Marketing, fundraising and business development services can support you with:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Fundraising and sustainability planning
  • Business development
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Social media marketing
  • Market research
  • SWOT/PESTLE analysis
  • Go-to-market workshops and strategic planning.

Our experienced Cass CCE consultants can support you in developing a marketing strategy that ensures your sustainable development journey remains focussed on your beneficiaries and impact objectives, and that robustly reflects the needs and expectations of all your other vital stakeholders including donors, supporters, volunteers, trustees and other partners.

A good marketing strategy will include tactical planning that drives specific, practical action plans for fundraising, business development, stakeholder engagement, campaigns and social media content. Work with us to establish your internal drivers and external market conditions, set exciting objectives and then formulate a compelling overarching strategy.

As nonprofit marketing specialists we have the knowledge to help create, or translate, your theory of change into an effective case for support outlining why supporters and volunteers should engage with your cause. These motivations can then align with all aspects of communication.

The action plans we develop with you will lead you to successful implementation and provide a means to control and monitor resultant activity. In addition, we can provide you with new research to inform your marketing strategy, deep-dive analysis into customer journeys and segmentation and discrete business cases outlining product positioning strategy.