Leadership Development

"Leadship is what converts our knowledge and expertise into genuine impact."

James Barrett, Service Lead for Leadership Development and Honorary Visiting Fellow

As the only dedicated nonprofit Centre for Charity Effectiveness in the UK, this sector is our specialism. We believe that outstanding leadership is essential for nonprofit organisations to deliver on their mission.

Our recent review, in collaboration with Compass Partnership, into Building Outstanding Leadership Teams revealed that the most effective nonprofit leadership teams recognise that they are unable to take on large organisational challenges without first addressing their own development.

We understand this fundamental challenge within nonprofit organisations of all sizes and work with our clients to deliver long term, lasting benefits to their beneficiaries through developing leadership at all levels of their organisations. We pay attention to top teams in particular.

Our services

We offer a wide range of Leadership Development interventions. We specialise in:

  • Tailor-made Building Outstanding Leadership Teams support including an online analysis tool
  • In-house leadership development programmes. Such programmes might include: large-scale simulation exercises, masterclasses, job shadowing
  • In-house Chartered Management Institute Accredited Level 7 programmes
  • Outstanding Leadership 360-degree profiling for teams and individuals
  • Action Learning Sets.