Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring can help you to address the challenges you face as a leader of a non-profit organisation, and can enhance the single most important asset in your organisation – your people.

"Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another." Myles Downey

Cass CCE Coaching and mentoring services can support you with

  • Identifying ways to maximise your own and your organisation’s potential
  • Determining how you can support your organisation’s senior leaders and talent pool to improve their performance and leadership styles
  • Making clear choices when confronted with the challenges and decisions you face.

Our approach

Successful organisations depend upon people working effectively together. Senior leaders and rising talent within organisations are expected to ensure that the organisation continues to innovate and meets the goals and expectations of beneficiaries and other stakeholders. Through coaching and mentoring, Cass CCE helps non-profit leaders to gain clarity about their own and their organisation’s choices and goals, and to determine how to achieve those goals in ways that are sustainable and impactful.

Our experienced coaching and mentoring team have a deep knowledge and understanding of the nonprofit sector. They are committed to the importance of coaching as a key part of leadership development in the sector and they bring this alive through their individual styles and approaches.

The coaching process

While the nature and structure of each coaching engagement is bespoke and tailored to reflect individual needs and choices, Cass CCE usually recommends an arc of around six sessions over six to eight months, with some possible email and/or phone support between sessions where appropriate.

Diagnosis and goal definition

An experienced Cass CCE coaching consultant will discuss and identify the context and goals for the proposed coaching. This confirms whether coaching is the appropriate intervention, or whether perhaps mentoring or training might be preferable. Together, consultant and client will explore the benefits of coaching to the individual and the organisation and, if coaching is confirmed as the right intervention, the individual ‘coachee’ will be offered the option to have short phone conversations with two or three suitable coaches to determine best fit.

The coaching sessions

Each coaching session is usually lasts one and a half hours. One session – usually the second – is two hours long, and involves a three-way conversation with the coachee’s line manager or Board Chair, in order to gain feedback and insight on the goals and outcomes. In some instances this process might be augmented by a qualitative or online 360˚ process.

Review, evaluation and forward action planning

Progress towards goals and outcomes is tracked throughout the coaching. Towards the end of the process, time is spent reviewing progress against goals, reflecting on the coaching process and determining on-going action plans.

Cass CCE also offers a range of other leadership development opportunities, some of which include optional coaching, as part of our professional development programmes.