Inspiring our clients to successfully transform the ways in which they work.

Cass CCE offers a bespoke management consultancy service to organisations across the non-profit sector.

"Cass CCE consultants are experienced professionals focused on delivering tailored solutions to the nonprofit sector. Our aim is to build social sustainability. We do this through providing strategic level advice concentrated upon organisational competencies, capabilities and resilience." Alex Skailes, Director of Consulting and Professional Development, Cass CCE

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All of our consultants have extensive experience and bring knowledge from a breadth of specialist backgrounds in the nonprofit, public and private sectors. Our consultancy team are all leading experts in their field - we have no junior consultants.  Every piece of work we undertake is bespoke and is tailored to meet the client’s needs.

Initial inspiration to ultimate impact

We work across a wide range of nonprofit organisations, specialist sub sectors and public and private bodies, aligning our goals directly with those of our clients. We work in partnership with organisations, allowing them to learn by practice and to adopt and adapt our processes and knowledge in their ongoing operations. Our aim is to share our learning with our clients for the ongoing benefit of their beneficiaries.  Where appropriate, we work in partnership with leading law firms and financial advisory firms in order to deliver completely integrated advice.

We operate a nonprofit model ourselves

Unlike many management consultancies, we are a nonprofit organisation. We reinvest any surplus back into Cass CCE, allowing us to further our mission of promoting knowledge, learning and best practice through our professional development activities.