We undertake an extensive research programme, predominantly into issues concerning Actuarial Science and Insurance.

In recent years, a key feature of our activity has been to bring together experts from various areas, including actuaries and statisticians, to work together on research problems. This philosophy has been extended to include colleagues from the Faculty of Finance.

Members of the Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance have been involved in actuarial research in a variety of areas. Staff have also been involved in writing textbooks on landmarks in actuarial history (for Pickering and Chatto), modern actuarial theory and practice (for Chapman and Hall), health and disability insurance (for Chapman and Hall), investment and financial mathematics (for Graham and Trotman).

Links with professional actuarial bodies

On the Actuarial side, much of our research benefits the professional side of the BSc and MSc courses. Consequently, we have close relations with professional bodies, trade organisations and government. They include the Association of British Insurers, Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, Government Actuary's Department, CMI Bureau, National Association of Pension Funds.