Permanent Staff

Professor Vali Asimit,  Professor of Actuarial Analytics
Dr Cormac Bryce,  Senior Lecturer in Insurance
Dr Zoltan Butt, Lecturer in Actuarial Science
Dr Michalis Chronopoulos, Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Science and Insurance
Dr Dimitrina Dimitrova, Reader in Actuarial Science
Professor Celia Glass, Professor Emerita of Management Science
Dr Russell Gerrard, Associate Professor of Statistics
Professor Steven Haberman, Professor of Actuarial Science
Professor Vladimir Kaishev, Professor of Actuarial Statistics 
Dr Zaki Khorasanee, Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Science
Dr Simone Krummaker, Senior Lecturer in Insurance
Dr Ioannis Kyriakou, Reader in Actuarial Finance
Dr Pietro Millossovich, Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Science
Mr Oliver Manyemba, Lecturer
Professor Les Mayhew, Professor of Statistics 
Professor Jens Perch Nielsen, Professor of Actuarial Science 
Dr Iqbal Owadally, Senior Lecturer
Mrs Marilyn Parris-Bell, Senior Faculty Assistant 
Professor Christopher Parsons, Professor of Insurance
Dr Rosalba Radice, Reader in Statistics 
Professor Ben Rickayzen, Head of Faculty, and Professor of Actuarial Science
Dr David Smith, Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Science 
Dr Jaap Spreeuw, Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Science
Professor Andreas Tsanakas, Professor of Risk Management 
Dr Douglas Wright, Senior Lecturer in Actuarial Science
Dr Rui Zhu, Lecturer in Statistics.

Honorary Visiting Appointments.

Further information on Honorary Visiting Appointments can be found here.

The profiles of doctoral researchers at the Faculty of Actuarial Science and Insurance can be found at the PhD student pages