Cass Business School enjoys strong and mutually beneficial relationships with businesses.  Our well-prepared, resourceful, committed and highly motivated undergraduate students will have benefited from two years of some of the best and most up-to-date business education.

The one-year professional placement programme forms an important part of our 'theory' and practice ethos. It enables you to access and work with some of the best young business talent available.

The placement takes place during the third year of a four-year degree. It is an option on all Cass undergraduate degree programmes, and all our students are eligible to apply.

Our students undertake placements in the following business areas:

  • Accounting
  • Actuarial
  • Banking
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Investment Management
  • Marketing

Feedback from current placement employers shows that Cass students provide a valuable resource, undertaking business projects that would otherwise require the appointment of new, permanent staff.

If you have a short-term project, many of Cass Business School's undergraduate students are interested in internships. These are shorter work placements of between one and three months' duration, usually during the summer breaks.

How to recruit a placement student

The recruitment process

Your placement student will be ready to take up his/her post at any date from early July onwards. They must be employed for a minimum period of nine months, although if you would like him/her to start earlier, or to work for a longer period, this can be arranged.

Wherever possible, we ask that our students are given responsibility for projects, which will ensure that their experience is challenging and fulfilling, and provides them with a real insight into the business world.

Cass students are allocated a Personal Tutor who will visit the placement student and their line manager once during the year to discuss and record the student's performance. Where students are placed overseas, contact is usually made by telephone or email.

During the placement year, our students are expected to record their work experience through two reflective reviews. They are also required to attend the annual Placements and Summer Internships Fair

How the programme works

Step 1: Send us the vacancy details

  • Simply provide a job description, any specific selection criteria you have, a deadline for the receipt of applications, and salary details. We will then promote the vacancy to our undergraduates through our online resources.

Step 2: Conduct the interviews

  • When your deadline arrives, if required, we will collate the applications and forward them to you for short-listing and selection. We are happy to liaise between you and the short-listed students, and to arrange interviews at Cass. There are no charges for these services.

Step 3: Provide a contract

  • Once you have selected a Cass student, we ask that you provide them with a contract stating the terms and conditions of their employment. You are expected to pay the placement student a salary during the time they work for your organisation. The salaries paid to Cass students vary between £17,000 - £36,000.

Step 4: Allocate a manager

  • We request that the placement student has a line manager who will monitor performance and give guidance and support as appropriate.

Step 5: Provide us with a report

  • Towards the end of the placement, we will ask the student's manager to complete and return an appraisal form. Upon successful completion of the placement and following graduation, the student's degree certificate will be endorsed to confirm that they have successfully completed a professional placement year.

How the placements office helps

The placement officers at Cass will act as a recruitment service, liaising between you and prospective placement students. They are also the main point of contact during the student's placement year.

You can start this process at any point during the academic year. However, we would encourage you to contact us as far in advance as possible because many of our students secure a placement by December and start the following July.

If you would like to promote opportunities within your company to Cass undergraduates personally, we are very happy to host this and to book rooms and presentation facilities for you. We will also ensure that students are aware of your presentation.

Submit an undergraduate placement opportunity

You can advertise your vacancies free of charge to our students.

Please note: Overseas students on a Sandwich degree do not require a work permit when commencing a work placement. Further information on this is available at: www.dfes.gov.uk/international-students

If you would like us to promote an opportunity, please contact us using the details within the contact us section.

Placement and summer internship fair

In late October or early November each year, we organise a Placement and Summer Internship Fair. This is an opportunity for employers and undergraduate students to meet and discuss available or potential placement opportunities.

We ask that our current placement students are allowed to attend this event, accompanied by their manager or recruitment representative.