Consulting projects for MSc Management students

Could your business benefit from our students’ knowledge and new ideas? If so, our Consulting Projects offer may be just what you need.

About the consulting project

During the summer term, students taking the consulting elective on the MSc in Management work in teams of 5 on consulting projects. For many this has been a highlight of their study experience, when they can apply their academic learning to real business challenges. These teams bring fresh insights and the latest knowledge applied to issues of real value and concern to organisations of all kinds.

By participating in this programme, your organisation will receive consultancy advice with a set of recommendations from the outstanding business masters students on the Cass MSc Management programme. And there is no financial cost associated with our consulting projects initiative.

Organisations who have engaged these student teams benefit from:

  • Front-line thinking: Business problems and challenges are informed by exciting insights drawn from the latest research across disciplinary fields.
  • Practical advice: Fresh insights are mastered into practical solutions and recommendations.
  • An alternative perspective: Our students are among the brightest. They are young, multidisciplinary and multicultural, and can genuinely offer your business an original point of view. One client was so impressed by the standard of a student's work, that they were offered a position within the organisation which they accepted.

Examples of projects in 2018 were:

  • A go-to-market strategy for a new cosmetics company
  • Assessing the impact on property prices of Crossrail 2
  • Developing a market entry strategy for a major consultancy
  • Assessing how a high-tech business might set itself up best for acquisition
  • Carrying out a global competitor analysis for a large financial services business
  • Recommending improved project management techniques for an events organisation.

How does it work?

We want to make sure both sides benefit from the experience, so we will work closely with you from the outset to generate consultancy ideas and ensure the project meets academic and business requirements.

Step 1: You will need to provide us with a project specification. This should include a short description of your business and a project outline detailing potential deliverables. We provide you with a project template to help you do this. If you are uncertain whether the project you have in mind is suitable, please contact us and we can advise. If you submit more than one project we can also advise which is more suited. Usually students do only one project for each client organisation.

Step 2: When all submissions are received, we select those that we consider will be most suited for the students. If your project is accepted, we will allocate a team of up to 5 students to work on your business challenge.  The selection of students into groups is done by the Course Directors at Cass Business School.

Step 3: We will connect you to your consulting team of students. We will ask you to provide access to company information that might inform the project, be available to meet with the student group at least once face-to-face, and commit to attending their presentation which takes place at the end of June (exact dates will be provided). We advise nominating a single point of contact to act as client liaison.

Step 4: As suggested above, at the end of the project you will be invited to Cass Business School to attend a formal presentation and have an informal debrief with your student team to discuss the project findings. This will be followed up by a detailed 3,000 word written business report.

Students are assessed on their presentation and report by the faculty, but we also welcome feedback from project providers to pass on to the students; we provide a template to help with this.


Overall, the work has been very useful for us, in fact the students’ work was inspiring to us, they carried out the solid basics, which we can build upon, and gave us some interesting ideas we can develop.

All in all, a thought-provoking experience, and I felt the team were personable, keen and committed, they were a credit to Cass Business School.

The group was a joy to work with. With all the limitations they faced it was a very good piece of work.

Next steps

If you have a project that you think would be of interest, or would like to know more, please contact Calvert Markham who leads this elective.