CebAI Resources

CebAI is offering businesses a range of resources to deliver on-demand creativity. These resources include digital tools and products, creativity methods and techniques, training and creative leadership masterclasses.

Digital products and tools

CebAI has also ready developed some AI services and interactive tools that are available for use in different content. Some of these services and tools are described below.


JECT.AI is a new interactive digital product that augments the productivity and creative capabilities of content creators such as journalists, marketing professionals and communications experts. JECT.AI automatically processes 10s of millions of news stories, scientific papers, magazine articles and blogs to present its users with ever-changing creative intelligence with which develop new content. This intelligence includes novel angles, new content, and experts and writers already talking about that content. The product is sold by the JECT.AI start-up, a spin-off from CebAI and City, University of London. Contact JECT.AI for more information.

Screenshot of the results of a search on Poland on the JECT.AI website. The search results are displayed in tiles across the page, with colour-coded tags on subject, author, location etc.


QUEST is a digital extension to the JECT.AI product that support science journalism. Informed by in-depth co-design activities with experienced journalists, QUEST provides additional guidance to write about science-related stories. This guidance includes detailed personas of readers who are often disengaged from science, effective science communication metaphors, and interactive guidelines to encourage creative thinking about these personas and metaphors.

Screenshot of the Quest website, showing the search results on the subject of CO2 and climate change. The screenshot shows 6 different metaphorse, displayed in tiled format with images, brief description and related tags.


BrightSparks is an interactive digital tool for individuals and teams to discover ideas in different domains. It retrieves profiles of well-known people. Each of these profiles provides an extreme persona that guides BrightSparks users to think about problems from different, more creative perspectives. As well as retrieving these extreme personas, the tool automatically generates creative clues for each persona and offers partially completed ideas for users to complete. BrightSparks is already available online.

Screenshot of the BrightSparks creative roleplay, showing the persona of Inspector Jacques Clouseau, with characteristics and creative clues to thing about how the character would go about the design challenge in question.

Sport Sparks

Sport Sparks is an interactive digital tool for sports coaches to think more creatively about the challenges that athletes are facing. Built as part of a collaboration with the English Institute of Sport, Sport Sparks encourages its users to think in transformative ways and explore different types of cause for athlete challenges. To do this, the tool automatically generates prompts and guidelines to explore different spaces and generate ideas in these spaces, before producing a summary report to use in sessions with athletes.

Screenshot of the Sport Sparks website. There are four tabs shown, with focus on the second: 1. Describe the athlete's challenge, 2. Explore ideas about challenge, 3. Refining and re-exploring your ideas, 4. View ideas guide.

The Risk Hunting App

The Risk Hunting App is a tablet-based tool that was used at CNH Industrial to support creative thinking to resolve health-and-safety problems on production lines. It manipulates information about existing resolutions to past problems to guide creative thinking about new ones. During published evaluations available in our impact cases, use of the Risk Hunting App was shown to increase the levels of novelty and usefulness of risk resolutions generated by workers on the production line.


Care’N’Share is a web-application that supported professional care staff to manage different types of behaviours exhibited by older people living with dementia. It enables users to link to different examples of good management in more creative ways, as well as share new experiences to more practitioners.

Screenshot of the Care'N'Share website showing the initial stage of a three step process: 1. Describe current situation, 2. Reflect on good practice. 3 Create new care plan for situation.


BeCreative is a website that provides practitioners will simple-to-follow advice about established creative problem-solving techniques. A user can describe a current problem using different dimensions of creative thinking – e.g. the type of creativity needed, or stage in the creative process – and BeCreative offered different techniques of value. Each retrieved technique is described step-by-step in both English and Italian, to enable practitioners and learn and use these techniques. BeCreative is already available online.

Screenshot of the BeCreative Engine website showing 3 search options: problem solving stage, characterisation and keyword search.

CPS 101

CPS 101 is a software package developed by CebAI partners Creative Problem Solving Inc. It supports individuals and teams to think creatively using structured processes and techniques.

Creativity methods and techniques

CebAI is offering new creativity methods and techniques for both individuals and teams to use. Each will support effective creative thinking by individuals and teams who are already using digital tools that automate and/support part of that creative thinking process. These methods and techniques enable the individuals and teams to focus time and cognitive effort on the tasks that can deliver most.

The new methods and techniques will build on existing approaches from creative problem solving and design thinking.


CebAI is also offering different types of training course. Each course can be adapted to the specific needs of individual businesses.

One set of these training courses will enable your business and employees to learn then master CebAI’s methods and techniques for creative thinking.

Another set will provide simple work-based training to use and make the most of the digital products and tools that CebAI will offer.

Creative leadership masterclasses

CebAI is partnering with its sister Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice to deliver ground-breaking programmes in creative leadership. One course – Creative Leadership: Setting the Stage for Innovation and Change – will accelerate leaders to a new level of practice in how to unleash, develop and harness innovation and creativity in their organisations by using CebAI new technologies.