CebAI People

Our People

Our Centre’s team is committed to CebAI delivering new forms of enable creative thinking – on demand – to businesses.

Its members have the expertise and diverse backgrounds needed to deliver the CebAI vision. Moreover, all are experienced at working in complex, interdisciplinary teams.

The team is growing. It will be recruiting throughout 2020 and 2021.

The Centre’s Director is Professor Neil Maiden. He coordinates the Centre’s strategic direction and leadership, and is responsible for reporting to Research England. Neil’s background is at the intersection of design and computer science.

Dr Konstantinos Zachos is CebAI’s technical lead. He is responsible for the design, development and delivery of the Centre’s technical services to business partners and clients. He has a PhD in Creativity and Software Engineering from City, University of London.

Mr James Lockerbie is responsible for managing and processing the information assets owned by CebAI and that are shared by the Centre business partners and clients. He has a MSc in Software Engineering from City, University of London.

Dr Amanda Brown is responsible for designing and delivering the new forms of service that CebAI will offer - services that will combine software algorithms, information assets, interactive tools and creativity consulting practices. She has a PhD from the Centre for Public Policy at Northumbria University.

Ruediger Schmidt is responsible for designing and maintaining the hardware and software needed to manage and analyse very large information assets. He is also CEO and a web scraping specialist for Done Data Solutions, which helps companies to collect unstructured web-data and transform it into clean and actionable data.

CebAI’s Academic Board

The Centre’s Academic Board will provide expertise, insights and guidance to the CebAI team, and participate in collaborative Centre activities. Members of the Board are drawn from different Schools at City, University of London.

Dr Eduardo Alonso is a Reader in Computing at the School of Maths, Computer Science and Engineering at City, University of London, where he is the Director of the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre, CitAI. In CebAI’s leadership team, Eduardo will provide expertise on AI algorithms and technologies.

Professor Charles Baden-Fuller is the Centenary Professor of Strategy and leader of the Strategy Group at City’s Business School. He will provide expertise on new business models for organisations that exploit AI for creativity and innovation, and contribute to CebAI development of AI services to encourage partners to think more creatively about business models.

Dr Enrico Bonadio is Reader at The City Law School, where he teaches intellectual property law. He will lead all CebAI activities related to intellectual property, ownership, and copyright. Enrico holds law degrees from the University of Florence (PhD) and the University of Pisa (LLB). In CebAI’s leadership team, Enrico will be responsible for ensuring the effective management of legal and ethical challenges posed by AI creativity.

Artur Garcez is Professor of Computer Science at City, University of London, and Chair of the University’s Data Science Institute. In CebAI’s leadership team, Artur will represent the Institute and explore the intersection between big data and the large information assets manipulated by CebAI technologies.

Dr Sara Jones is a Senior Lecturer in City's Business School, and Director of the interdisciplinary Masters in Innovation, Creativity and Leadership that is run out of our sister Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice. Sara’s background is in user-centred design. In CebAI’s leadership team, Sara will represent the creativity research and teaching activities undertaken in the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice.

Ruben van Werven is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at City's Business School. He will provide inputs and expertise on CebAI use of AI services and creative thinking methods to support entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship.

CebAI’s Governance Board

Professor Andrew Jones, the Vice-President for Research and Enterprise at City, University of London, will Chair the Centre’s Governance Board.