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Bringing Academic Excellence & Business Needs Together

We use AI to enhance and support commercial innovation.  Service design  will place our end users at the heart of the services we develop.  Working with commercial partners and cutting edge theorists we are building easily applied tools to boost innovation in the workplace.

Turbo-charging Human Creativity

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can be fully integrated with creative thinking processes, methods and techniques already well-used in businesses.

Combining the data analytics of AI with the creative ability of the human mind will turbo boost the ability of users to draw unexpected, useful, and adaptive insights.

Creative thinking is a strategic need for modern organisations. Businesses innovation is essential in this age of the 4th industrial revolution.

CebAI's technology will be applied to augment humans by helping to prompt new ideas from data.

Our mission statement

CebAI will provide businesses with APIs to AI services that will generate candidate creative ideas from information described in, e.g., white papers, client reports and competitor analyses.

It will also provide these businesses with a suite of new interactive tools that employees can use to invent and innovate using the generated ideas.

Examples of some of the first of these AI services and interactive tools already implemented are described in the CebAI resources. The impacts of these services and tools in businesses are reported in the CebAI case studies.

CebAI will deliver these services and tools on a robust new digital platform that business partners will use – on demand – to amplify their existing creativity consulting, training and leadership services, and maximise the value of these services to business clients.

CebAI will also develop and offer new business models, intellectual property frameworks and forms of service that will optimise the opportunities for and returns from creative thinking on demand, especially for SMEs.

And CebAI will disseminate its new models, frameworks, offerings and lessons to other HEIs through a series of conferences and events dedicated to improving institutional practices for creativity and AI knowledge exchange.

Our history

CebAI was established in the Spring of 2020 with an award of £3.6m from UKRI’s Research England Development Fund. It builds on over a decade of research into new digital technologies to augment human creativity undertaken in the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice at City, University of London. This research resulted in a set of increasingly effective digital tools and practices that support human creativity in domains from manufacturing and journalism to elite sports training and social care.

Moreover, CebAI also builds on research results from different disciplines undertaken in City’s diverse schools. For example, it builds on AI algorithms developed in its School of Maths, Computer Science and Engineering, business models developed in City's Business School, and the status of new machine-generated ideas researched in the City Law School.

And CebAI maintains strong links with partner institutes and centres at City. These partners include the Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice, City’s Data Science Institute, and CitAI, the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre at City.

To know more about the Centre and its activities, contact us using the information below.