Cass Innovate will be one of 2018’s premier inter-disciplinary events exploring ‘The Future is Now’.

Technology changes quickly, transforming the world around us. Applied robotics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality – once the realm of science fiction – are now embedded in our daily lives. Through a variety of workshops, interviews and panel discussions, the conference will explore how rapidly developing technologies are changing the ways we work, create and do business.

Bringing together academics, practitioners and students, ‘The Future is Now’ exposed more than 200 delegates to best innovation practices, successful entrepreneurship stories and leading research. It also provided extensive and diverse opportunities for networking with a wide range of entrepreneurs, experts and decision makers.


Cass Innovate 2018: The Future is Now comprised a variety of workshops, talks, interviews and panel discussions about business leadership, social enterprise and technology.

The day's programme included:

  • Presentations from guest speakers and thought leaders
  • Collaborative workshops to engage in new experiences
  • ‘In Conversation with’ interviews with renowned entrepreneurs
  • Panels and showcases to explore and discuss relevant topics
  • A student startup marketplace
  • Opportunities to network


Watch highlights from 2018's event below:

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