Bayes Innovate

Ready. Set. Grow!

The ambition for startup entrepreneurs is to grow their business. Yet research shows fewer than 3% of start-ups survive for a decade. The problem is not the volume of entrepreneurial activity, but the ability to turn that activity into high-growth scale-ups.

Cass Innovate is about bringing academics, entrepreneurs and practitioners to discuss the challenges and opportunities scaling up businesses.

Through a variety of talks, workshops and panel discussions, which exposes about 200 delegates to best innovation practices, successful entrepreneurship stories and leading research.It also provides extensive and diverse opportunities for networking with a wide range of entrepreneurs, experts and decision makers.

Watch highlights below:

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We hope to run Cass Innovate later again this year.

Launching Cass X

On Wednesday 13th November 2019, we celebrated the launch of a new Centre of Research at Cass!

The Centre for Innovation and Disruption (Cass X) aims to become a world-leader in innovation education and research. Working closely with its research fellows, Cass X serves as a dynamic and intellectual hub for disruptors and members of the community interested in innovation in both start-ups, corporate and public sector domains.